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Unit of Instruction Template                                                                                                                    Name: _________________________________


Unit Title:   

Dates to be taught:




Stage 1 – Desired Results

Goals/Learning Objectives (LO) – (include what students should know and be able to do and standard reference code):


Big Idea(s)or Understanding(s):


Essential Question(s): (Must be application level or higher.)




Academic Vocabulary: (List all academic vocabulary students will need to know and understand.)



Stage 2 – Assessment Evidence

Pre-assessment data :




Formative Data:


Interim/ Summative Data:


Stage 3 – Lesson Plan (Instructional Strategies)*

Learning Goal/LO

Incorporation of Literacy

Interact with New Knowledge

Practice & Deepen New Knowledge

Utilize & Apply New Knowledge

  1. See daily lesson plans for strategies











Stage 4 – Reflection/Artifacts/Evidence

Tell what worked well in the unit of study and why.

Tell what you would change in the unit of study and why.



Artifacts/Evidence   (Optional)



*Additional rows for the Instructional Strategies can be copied and pasted in Stage 3 as needed.

This area is for School District Employees and Staff only!