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Teacher Cadet



What is Teacher Cadet?

At SEACBEC, Teacher Cadet is available for concurrent-credit through UAM. The instructor for Teacher Cadet is Gwen Sledge.  The Arkansas Teacher Cadets Program is a nationally recognized teacher recruitment program aimed at attracting the best and brightest high school students to the teaching profession.  The program provides a curriculum based, hands-on approach educating students regarding the requirements to become a successful teacher and enabling students to put their knowledge to work through a classroom internship.  If you are intereseted in coaching or teaching as a career, this class is for you!  


Concurrenct Credit:

If you have a 20 in Reading and Math, and a 6 on Writing on the ACT Aspire in  you can earn 3 hours college credit while taking this class.


Teacher Cadet Mission Statement:

Learn how to be leaders and keep positive attitudes while helping others and co-operating with each other.

For Information on Teacher Cadet Classes

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For more information on Teacher Cadet Classes contact:

Gwen Sledge
870-226-6920 Ext. 245