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Jessica Johnson

Welcome to Ms. Jessica Johnson’s Criminal Justice Classroom!

Contact Information:

SEACBEC Criminal Justice Instructor: Ms. Jessica Johnson


School Phone #: 1-(870) 226-6920 ext 229

     Throughout this year, students will be introduced to many of the careers that the field of Criminal Justice has to offer. Many of these agencies that form the Arkansas criminal justice system are: Corrections, Policing, Crime Scene Investigations, Fire and Safety, Emergency Response, Youth Detention/Juvenile Justice, Probation and Parole, Attorneys, Judges/Courts, Legislature, etc. As part of the Criminal Justice Program of Study, the students will study the agencies and learn about the processes involved in the criminal justice system. The students will analyze the roles and problems of the criminal justice system with an emphasis on understanding how the U.S. Constitution affects laws and law enforcement on the local, state, and federal levels. Students will learn how laws are made and enforced. Students will explore career paths in law and law enforcement through researching and raising academic arguments on varying viewpoints that exist between each branch of the criminal justice system. Each prospective criminal justice career will be examined, including the ethical considerations and standard protocols and dilemmas that face law enforcement and other agencies on a daily basis on matters that involve the use of force and the force continuum, so that students can make an informed decision on whether they want to pursue a career and/or postsecondary education within one of the various fields of criminal justice.


What is required to be a completer in Criminal Justice at SEACBEC? 

Introduction to Criminal Justice (2 semesters) – Ms. Jessica Johnson

Foundations of Law Enforcement (2 semesters) – Mr. Wesley LaFoon 

Choose one of these 2 classes below: 

Crime Scene Investigations (2 semesters) – Mr. Wesley LaFoon 


Corrections (2 semesters) – Ms. Jessica Johnson 

*Completition of the two required and one elective Criminal Justice courses will earn you the Criminal Justice Program of Study completer status and medalion to wear at your high-school graduation. 

What skills will students learn in the Criminal Justice program of study at SEACBEC?

Routine/Felony Traffic Stops, Routine/Tactical Handcuffing Techniques, Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), Self-defense tactics, Searches & Seizures, Traffic violations & reports, cell extractions, inmate shakedowns, frisks/stops/patdowns, Fingerprinting, DNA Fingerprinting, Bloody stain testing, Patrol Fingerprint kits, Physical Fitness testing, radio/10 codes, verbal commands, use of force policies and proceduces, application of constitutional amendments to current laws and implementation of enforcing the law, etc. 

SEACBEC Criminal Justice Mission Statement:

The mission of the Criminal Justice classes at Southeast Arkansas Community Based Education Center (SEACBEC) is to promote high academic achievement, develop marketable career skills, encourage continued education, and enhance the quality of life in our community through providing early educational resources to prepare our secondary students for their future career and/or college courses.


Our Criminal Justice classes provide engaging classroom lectures, with a multitude of stimulating, hands-on activities in which students apply textbook principles to real world situations and scenarios frequently faced by criminal justice professionals.


SEACBEC’s goal in providing Criminal Justice classes to secondary students is to instill in future criminal justice professionals, the desire to achieve personal and professional excellence through the attainment of knowledge and skills while also learning the importance of the adherence to moral, ethical, and professional principles.


Jessica Johnson

SEACBEC Criminal Justice Instructor

  • Corrections & Introduction to Criminal Justice

Wesley LaFoon

SEACBEC Criminal Justice Instructor 

  • CSI & Foundations of Law Enforcement 







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